DAO Upgrade V1_1



This proposal upgrades the DAO to V1.1 to add the following features, improvements and bug fixes.

Updatable Founder Shares

DAOs will now be able to propose changes to founders shares. This gives DAOs the ability to add, modify and remove founders shares via proposal.

With this new feature DAO creators will have the ability to modify any errors that may have been caused at DAO deployment.

Upgrade Visibility

In V1.1, each smart contract of a DAO now has an explicit version attached. This means that members and developers will be able easily understand which protocol implementation a DAO is utilizing at any given time.

This will also make it easier for future upgrades that are in development: including airdrops and custom metadata renderers.

Proposal Spam Fix

Proposal submission to a DAO has an incorrectly implemented check which can allow for spam proposals to be submitted to a DAO. In V1.1 it works as expected.

Auction Improvements

Improved bid handling and edge case management in the Auction House contracts.


This upgrade has been developed and proposed by Zora (zora.eth)


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