A brand new bike helmet and lock for a child experiencing disadvantage with Variety Bikes for Kids

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### TL;DR Variety – the Children’s Charity are submitting a proposal to Blueberry DAO to consider funding a bike helmet and lock through our Variety Bikes for Kids program for a child experiencing disadvantage who would otherwise miss out. Community and connection are important to us - the moment a child receives their brand-new bike is magical and we’d love you to share in this joy. The funded bike would be personally handed over by the Blueberry DAO team to a child on our waitlist at a Nouns branded venue (or the Variety office) in Melbourne. Each bike package costs $245 AUD or 0.095 ETH (market value at time of submission). ### About Variety – the Children’s Charity Variety - the Children's Charity changes the lives of kids living with disability illness or experiencing disadvantage. Variety provides support through the provision of grants for a range of equipment - such as wheelchairs communication devices or all-abilities playgrounds - to provide practical help to kids schools and organisations. We run programs to educate and empower kids who are falling through the cracks. We give scholarships to encourage the talents of kids living with disability or experiencing disadvantage. And last but certainly not least we hold kids’ events to bring joy light and laughter to children in need and their families. Variety was started by a group of entertainers and artists in 1920’s America when a baby named Catherine was abandoned in a theatre discovered by the group who called themselves “The Variety Club”. The group began fundraising to support Catherine and eventually other children. Their good work spread across the US and eventually the world – Variety now operates in 13 countries through 40 offices and has changed the lives of millions of kids across the globe. This proposal is being submitted by Variety – the Children’s Charity Victoria Australia who have taken the lead on crypto philanthropy. Our historical links to the arts innovation and values led us to join Blueberry DAO to support the work of LilPurpberry in their quest to support children’s charities. ### About Variety Bikes for Kids Since its beginnings 21 years ago Variety Bikes for Kids has provided over 13 000 bikes for kids who would otherwise miss out. Thanks to our incredible supporters these thousands of kids have experienced the joy happiness and physical benefits of owning their very own bike. A simple item that many of us take for granted. With the cost of living crisis now more than ever families are under increased strain to cover essential items meaning more kids will miss out on the freedom joy independence and inclusion of owning a bike. Childhood cycling can bring lifelong benefits: - Physically challenging cycling builds fitness and endurance and gets kids out and about enjoying the outdoors. - Sets up lifelong healthy activity habits. - Improves mental health. - Physical activity is positively related to higher academic performance in children. - Owning a bike empowers children that would otherwise miss out to learn how to ride be independent build self-confidence be included with friends. - Bike riding is a positive strategy to support self-confidence depression anxiety and stress allowing the students to move during the day. This is vital to increase engagement and encourage academic success. And of course the simple joy and freedom owning a bike can bring! But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what the kids are saying: “Having my own bike is really awesome! Last weekend my Dad and I rode all the way to the beach how cool is that!” – Ana Age 10 “I used to hate going to school because it was such a long walk. But now that I have a bike I actually look forward to it!” – Dan Age 14 “I never thought I'd have my own bike but thanks to Variety now I have one! I can go anywhere I want and explore with my friends.” – Maria Age 13 Click here to watch the impact receiving a bike had for Deanne and her family ### The Proposal Variety is requesting a partnership with Blueberry DAO to fund a full bike package of a bike helmet and lock to be presented to a child on our wait list. The family under consideration are experiencing ongoing disadvantage. A bike would bring much-needed joy inclusion with friends and classmates and all the physical and mental benefits owning a bike can bring. Variety believe kids deserve the best for safety and self-esteem. That's what we purchase quality bikes from Anaconda to make sure kids can enjoy their bikes for years to come. Built for durability in time these bikes can even be passed on to siblings or friends. Variety Bikes for Kids are selected and assembled with the care we show to kids. A full bike package costs $245 AUD or 0.095 ETH (market value at time of submission). ### The Presentation and Promotion of Blueberry DAOs Support Variety proposes the funded bike be presented to the recipient at a Nouns branded venue (e.g. Nouns Deli or Nounish Studios) or the Variety office in Port Melbourne co-branded with Blueberry DAO and Variety and of course a whole lot of fun and smiles with famous Nouns glasses.' The presentation will be supported by a video and photo shoot with the Nouns community PR campaign to local mainstream and Web 3 media and amplified across social media by all stakeholders including the Variety channels with a total audience of over 22 000 followers. The presentation date will be confirmed on availability of Blueberry DAO team and the recipient family. Timeline 1 – 2 months after approval. ### An Ongoing Relationship The team at Variety – the Children’s Charity are thrilled to be part of Blueberry DAO and look forward to contributing our expertise in fundraising philanthropy and supporting kids in need to the community. We look forward to growing together. ### References Learn more about Variety Bikes for Kids Learn more about our crypto philanthropy program [Read our financials and annual reports ]


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