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During NFT NYC, we propose to send an ambassador to walk around and engage with attendees, spreading awareness about Bud DAO and its mission to promote the intentional use of cannabis. The ambassador will answer any questions attendees may have about Bud DAO's work in funding grants and proposals to expand the understanding and science of cannabis.

The ambassador will highlight the importance of understanding cannabis as a natural resource and how it can be used intentionally for various purposes such as pain relief, creativity, and relaxation. They will emphasize Bud DAO's commitment to promoting responsible and intentional use of cannabis to achieve a positive impact on individuals and society as a whole.

By having an ambassador present at NFT NYC and events such as w3bstock and the Nouns Sail , we hope to engage attendees in meaningful conversations about the benefits of cannabis and the importance of responsible use. We believe this will be a valuable contribution to the event and its attendees, and will help further Bud DAO's mission of proliferating the intentional use of cannabis.


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