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Builder Originals. A promotional video series.

Ξ 9.5


A proposal to create a coordinated promotional video series, designed to reach and inspire the next cohort of DAO Founders to join the Nouns Builder ecosystem, launching on Builder DAO’s first anniversary.

The proposal will deliver:

  • A fast-moving promo video, that compresses a year of building into one minute, to be released on Builder DAO’s one year anniversary.
  • A five minute short documentary film, revealing the mission, successes and long-term vision of the DAO.
  • 7 DAO profile films. 60-90 second videos profiling selected DAOs launched on Builder and what they have built and released.

Together the films will create an integrated series, aimed at different categories of audiences, to be distributed across onchain, offchain and IRL, wherever they are needed.


Nouns revolutionised the concept of what a DAO can be.

Zora revolutionised onchain media.

Builder inhabits the space between them.

Revolutionising the infrastructure of coordination.

This a big deal. < ---


Outside of the world of the Zorbish/Nounish/Farcaster community, there is little understanding of what Builder actually does, other than ‘build’.

I asked around:

“It’s part of Nouns isn’t it?”

“It’s where the Zora devs hang out”

Both kinda correct but hardly the headline story, we’re hoping for.

The goal of this proposal is to change that perception, by reaching audiences we haven’t reached yet in a new way, sharing our mission, successes and our long-term vision.

To make clicking the bottom button as natural as clicking the top three.


Promo film: A year of building in one minute.

A high-speed journey through all of the highlights of what has been created so far from the DAOs launched on Builder.

The film begins with the 'Create your DAO button'. Click

We then fast-forward through a year of building compressed into a minute, a stream of moments and experiences, that brings us to the present day.

We zoom back and find ourselves on Zora, minting the film we are watching.

And end the film with a question, a provocation to the audience:

‘What could you build?’

The Short Documentary

A five minute documentary that reveals the story of Builder DAO from the people who built it, constructed in three acts.

  • Origins and mission
  • The successes of the last year in more detail and how Builder has enabled this.
  • The long-term vision and the opportunity for founders, builders and communities.

The narrative will be built from audio interviews by DAO members and Founders. The details of the visual style will emerge once we have gathered all of the relevant content and edited the narrative.

The goal is for the viewer to feel inspired and also to understand in more detail the opportunity that Nouns Builder offers.

DAO Profile videos

To allow the audience to dig deeper, we will also produce 7(?) short 60-90 second profiles of individual DAOs. The narrative comes from founders and members of the DAO with the visual style dependent on the nature of that specific DAO.

These films will be useful both for Builder and for the individual DAOs and provide useful content for regular release over a period of time.


As part of the production, we will also deliver an online archive of all of the interviews and content we have gathered, that can be accessed by the DAO for use in the future.


The campaign is designed as a funnel to bring people to the DAO.

The sixty second promo grabs attention, the documentary reveals the mission and vision and the DAO profiles provide the specific background detail.

By launching the first film on the anniversary of Builder DAO’s genesis we are both celebrating the successes and firmly planting our flag in the ground for the years ahead.

Branding: Builder Originals

The films will be released as BUILDER ORIGINALS, with a branded identity based on assets from the Builder Art Pack.

This places the series within a wider narrative than just being ‘promotional’ pieces. By using the ubiquitous ‘Originals’ banner we are presenting the films as individual stories and part of a sub-brand that can be developed over time.

This also potentially makes them more collectable and offers more opportunities for promotion (front page of Zora?)

Distribution: Onchain, offchain, and IRL

The goal is to release the films onchain, offchain and IRL to reach the widest possible audience.

Onchain and offchain

All of the videos will be released on Zora and promoted through Farcaster and offchain social channels. The films can also be linked to any podcast show notes where members of Builder DAO are guests and used for cross-marketing and to engage partners. Essentially wherever we need to engage interest.


An IRL campaign gives us the chance to cast the net wider, to include:

  • Major independent film festivals that attract audiences that align with our mission - SXSW, Sheffield Doc Fest, Raindance, Slamdance
  • Smaller festivals that specifically cover subjects of art, culture and technology.
  • Crypto conferences during 2024

In short, the films are an asset that can be used anywhere we have the opportunity.


The process will be transparent and collaborative.

Shared research.

The first step will be to gather audio interviews with DAO members. This can be done in participation with other DAO teams who can also benefit from the research process. The interviews will be archived online and made available to DAO members.

We’ll gather the relevant visual content from all of the participating DAOS that will also be archived.

Production and Editing

We suggest appointing an editorial board to feedback on the final edits to make sure the film narratives are aligned. All participants will have full editorial control over their own contributions.


From early October until mid-December

  • First film to be released 15th November
  • Documentary to be completed by the end of November
  • DAO profile films delivered by mid-December and released according to an agreed schedule TBC.


The total budget for the proposal is 9.5 ETH

  • Producer, Director & Editor - deebee.eth: 8 ETH
  • Additional freelancers 1 ETH
  • Expenses: 0.5 ETH

deebee is a resident of The UK and will be responsible for paying relevant taxes.

Treasury impact

This represents 2.85% of the treasury at the time of writing.

The Team

The campaign will be produced by @deebee and TheyWhoKnow, a collective of diverse creative souls founded by @deebee.


I'm an experienced Filmmaker, Immersive Media Director and Creative Director with a proven history of problem-solving through storytelling for global brands, the arts, cultural orgs and NGOs.

I've designed and produced storytelling campaigns for global super-brands such as Google, Dropbox, Red Bull, Virgin, HP and NGOs including The UN and The EU and my work has been featured in over 50 global film festivals including the Venice Biennale.

Crypto since 2013. Web3 since 2019. DAOs since 2021. Member of the Strategic Advisory Board of Hashes DAO and a contributor to many others. Serial Instigator.

They Who Know

A collective of experienced Creative Strategists, Storytellers and Editors founded by @deebee, with the express purpose of bringing unchained creative talent onchain.


Northstar Check

The heart of the proposal is to promote the mission and vision of Builder DAO to a wider audience. The process will be open, transparent and collaborative and involve DAO members to confirm alignment with DAO values at all stages.


The most obvious way to measure the success of the campaign is simple - more quality DAOs launching and the price of Builder Tokens rising to signify more members joining from outside of our current ecosystem.

More specifically recasts, reposts and views generated from the videos being shared at online events (podcasts, twitter spaces etc.) are also a good metric of campaign engagement.

Also, acceptance to film festivals and presence at major crypto events would be a strong validation.

I don’t personally believe sales of onchain media are particularly illustrative of reach in this case. Although I hope I’m proved wrong.


The DAO's first anniversary is a great moment to celebrate successes and share the Builder story with both the existing ecosystem and a wider audience. But this is not just a vanity-driven ‘look what we did’ piece.

It could be argued that we currently exist in a space defined by Nouns, Zora and Farcaster. For the protocol to grow we need to spread our story beyond these hallowed walls.

Video is the best way to engage new audiences and this campaign has the power to allow Builder DAO to reach and inspire a new cohort of founders, builders and communities to the ecosystem.


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