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The GLITCH art collective is organising the third edition of its art residency. It’s a 2 weeks long event gathering blockchain / AI artists and engineers, collaborating on the creation of new NFT collections inspired by the notion of CC-0 and Remix. GLITCH is a unique opportunity to build new types of public goods, past editions have led to the creation of several protocols (e.g. REMIX NFT, IMPACT NFT) as well as an open source NFT Token-Bound Licensing standard to embed Creative Commons-like licensing conditions directly into NFTs.

Total funds requested: 0.971 ETH

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Art residency

ART RESIDENCY GLITCH is a two-week focused residency at an 18th century chateau in France. About 40-50 participants will be invited to create, imagine, develop theories, build projects and standards aimed at supporting a new creative ecosystem of open creativity and digital abundance in the blockchain art world. The participants will be a highly curated group of creative and smart individuals actively engaged with NFTs, art, music and AI. The goal is to bring the right people, in the right place, at the right time, and then let the magic happen.

At GLITCH, we strive to empower people with ideas, visions, and expertise, while providing space for our attendees to reach deep into their minds and forge better models together. We exist to disrupt the status quo and to manifest positive solutions for society. The outcomes of the residency will be, first and foremost, a tight community of value-aligned people eager to collaborate with one another, new collaborations and synergies in order to shape the world of tomorrow. The residency will also promote a variety of new initiatives about how to promote the value of openness and interoperability in the blockchain art world. Expected deliverables include new NFT protocols that encourage remix and creativity, new NFT protocols geared towards maximization of social and environmental impact, as well as a variety of collaborative exhibitions for NFT artists. All content produced within the residency will be released and made available to all under Creative Commons licenses.

More details about the third edition of GLITCH can be found at the following link

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We are requesting 0.971 ETH in order to support the GLITCH residency, i.e. to provide catering and accommodation for the participants


The GLITCH collective is stewarded by Primavera De Filippi, Will Papper, Isaac Patka and many other amazing blockchain artists and engineers !

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