174Lil Basel Auction Adventure ⌐◨-◨

Ξ 2.25

Tldr: Jet-Set to Lil' Basel: Win an Unforgettable Getaway in Our Auction Adventure!

Proposal: Bid for a chance to win a trip to Lil Basel with our exciting adventure raffle, starting at Lil Noun 7909+ Location: Lil Basel, Miami FL Proposer: Bixbite Purpose: Increase auction revenue and generate excitement & participation for Lil Basel.

Lil Basel Artwork By Messhup - Commissioned By Prop 143

Overview: Get ready for Lil Basel, and let's amplify our auction sales while building anticipation for our upcoming Lil Noun event! Here's the plan: Starting with Lil Noun 7909, every Lil Noun acquired through auction until December 7th at 5:00 pm EST automatically qualifies for a raffle. The enticing prize? 2 ETH! This generous reward will cover their flight, accommodation, and transportation, ensuring they have a fantastic weekend at Art Basel, marking the commencement of the event with the charm of Lil Nouns!

The Ask: 2.25eth - this will be enough funds to cover the following:

  • Flight
  • Accommodation (Wynwood / Surrounding Area)
  • Transportation
  • Meals + Entertainment
  • .25 For ChainLink Contract Development & Deployment

Mark your calendars because the winner will be revealed on December 7th at the Lil Basel x PizzaDAO Pizza Party. How do we pick the lucky winner? It's all thanks to a nifty random number generator contract powered by Chainlink, making it verifiable and on-chain for that extra dash of transparency. Join in, and let the good times roll!

Lil Basel Artwork By Prop 143

Benefits To The DAO:

  • Direct ROI through increased auction sales for the next 12 days
  • Increased engagement surrounding Lil Basel
  • Increased brand awareness


  • November 24: Adventure starts with Lil Nouns 7909
  • December 1: Proposal executes if prop is passed by Lil Nouns onchain vote, funds are transferred to multi-sig.
  • December 7: Contest Ends at 5:00pm EST & Winner is selected live at the Lil Basel x PizzaDAO Pizza Party
  • December 7: Transaction to transfer the winner their prize will be queued & executed within 24hrs.

Multi-Sig: If this proposal passes the funds will be transferred to a 2/4 multi-sig with the following trusted community members as signers:

  • Bixbite
  • Pipe
  • Baba
  • Milad

Terms of Service: Participation is restricted to qualified mints, beginning with Lil Noun ID 7909. Selling your eligible Lil Noun before the winner is determined will invalidate your entry. In the event of a selection, a new winner will be chosen.

The idea is to have this first adventure be the test case to build this program out in phases.

Phase 1: Test Case - using multi-sig wallet & deploy a random number generator contract to choose the winner.

Phase 2: Create a redirect page that guides individuals after they mint their Lil. This page will provide clear information about their recent purchase, outline the commitment to voting in governance, and present the option to delegate if they choose.

Phase 3: Create and implement a reusable Chain Link contract featuring a user-friendly interface. Users can explore past auction adventure contests and winners on this platform. Additionally, prizes will be directly sent to and instantly deployed for the winner through this contract, eliminating the need for a multi-signature process.

The goal of this program is to provide Lils with enjoyable & exciting features, enhance auction participation, and generate buzz for our upcoming irl events.


  1. 0x94e5b522a15999354b1239c77582403ef68cef60.transfer(2.25 ETH)
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