Art - Lore Token Burn pt 2 - Sticker Campaign at NYC Toadz Event

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Greta Gremplin and Zamees are currently executing on an art + lore concept to generate visibility for the DAO that leverages recenty popular token gamification (VVs, Defy, Nyan, etc).

I would like to add a bit of IRL flair to the experiment. The Crytoadz are hosting a holders only event at NFT NYC coming up soon.

  • Stickers printed of each of the complete pieces of toad lore , visual illustration done by Greta Gremplin
  • Handed out personally, as a set, to guests at the holders-only Cryptoadz event.
  • Recipients of the sticker packs will be encouraged to mint the set of Lore tokens on the spot for an extra limited edition sticker of Zoltar!!
  • These stickers will present our first IRL collectable oppurtunity for the Lil Toadz DAO!

    This will give me the chance to engage individual guests at the event, all of witch will be Cryptoadz holders, about the Lil Toadz DAO and the mission of our Sub DAO! I will discuss our most recent proposal passed by the Cryptoadz for the Crytoadz Consensys and our overall goals for the project currently and in the future!

    I will produce 300 packs of 4 stickers in each and a limited amount of Zoltar stickers for "on the spot" minters of the Lore token drop!

    Budget -

    • 5 sticker designs, 1300 stickers total - .1 eth per design
    • IRL recruitment - .19 eth

    Total ask - .69 ETH


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