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Seeding Auction from Multisig

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Currently multiple people would like to participate in the NameDAO auction but the high gas price of the settlement is a deterrent. I propose to transfer 0.5 ETH to the founder multisig with the express purpose to be used to settle each auction as well as place the min bid of 0.05ETH. 

Should the auction not get any additional bids, then that NFT will be reserved for a "grant program" where anyone that wishes to contribute to NameDAO, but may not have the financial means to bid, can apply. Said grant program can be held through e.g. Snapshot on Polygon to minimize cost (since the entire point is enabling inclusion of talent beyond capital).

Economics (estimated by current gas prices):

Settlement cost: 0.00065Eth ($25)

Min Bid: 0.05Eth 

Max NFTs: ~9


  1. 0xd62a3e162082ae36131d1f1495396e17aae80efe.transfer(0.5 ETH)
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