449Let's take Prop House IRL 💡


Prop House is an excellent entry point for builders in the Nouns ecosystem. The Nouns in Rio team is requesting 10 ETH + 10,500 USDC to create an immersive 2-day event and take Prop House IRL.

We received so much support from the community last time that we're putting this up again. But unlike our last proposal, which focused on sponsoring a conference and setting up a booth, we're now aiming to host our very own event.

This proposal is set to trigger a waterfall effect within Prop House, starting by bringing in five new communities. Each community will open gates for thousands of builders, expanding the platform's reach and impact. Keep reading to find out how we'll do it 👇

Prop House is a platform where communities can fund their builders, so we'll make this event community-focused. We'll allocate 2 ETH to each of 5 communities, with one essential rule: they must use it to establish their houses and conduct their own rounds on Prop House.

People will register for the event and indicate which community they belong to. We'll have a preset list of web3 communities in Rio, but participants will also have the option to add their own. We're expecting around 100 attendees. ‎

How 👀

To tell the story of Prop House, we need to go back and explain Nouns first. So, the first talk will be about Nouns and how it's growing in Brazil. Then, we'll have a talk about Prop House and how it works. After a break, we’ll host a workshop on writing great proposals and share examples of successful ones.

Participants will then have free time to write and submit their proposals, detailing the rounds they plan to set up in their new house on Prop House, utilizing the 2 ETH prize as a reward. After that, we'll kick off an afterparty, offering a perfect opportunity for communities to interact and engage with each other.

The second day will start with a talk about the CC0 culture hosted by Public Good Beer. After that, we'll offer a workshop on how to set up a Prop House house and plan rounds.

Last but not least, the voting begins! We'll use a representative system for fairness. After voting, we'll announce the winners and outline the next steps. The event will conclude with an amazing Brazilian barbecue, featuring live music and a Public Good Beer activation for all to enjoy.

Winning communities will join the Nouns in Rio Discord server. Our team will guide them in setting up their houses, managing rounds, and distributing prizes. If a community doesn't execute its plan within 3 months, the ETH returns to the DAO.

Mentors 🫡

3 mentors will lead the workshop on how to write a good proposal and will be available to assist the teams during the Prop Session. JP has submitted dozens of proposals on Prop House, many of which have been approved. TheBower is a Nouner and a Gardener, having voted in many rounds. Guiriba is a researcher and has a lot to teach about governance.

Communities 🤝

Two weeks before the event, we'll start communicating it on our channels, inviting people to apply and explaining how the experience will work. This ensures attendees are well-prepared and ready to actively contribute.

Members of the Ponziverse and from the Casta Crypto community have already signaled interest in being part of the experience, and of course, NounsBR, Gnars, and Nouns Graffiti are all in.

We'll also be committed to bringing education-focused communities to the event, such as Educarmais and Futuroon DAO. Students from UFF, PUC, and UFRJ - three of the biggest universities in Rio - will join us as well. ‎

Public Good Beer 🍻

Drinks on them! They'll host a talk about the CC0 culture and how the beer was funded by Nouns. Attendees will also receive free beer and collect gotas.social NFTs!

Why 🤔

We want communities to see Prop House as a place to fund their builders and individuals to see it as a way to bring their ideas to life. By showcasing the diverse groups already benefiting from the platform, we hope to inspire them to engage their own communities in similar ways.

Check out all the amazing things that have come from Prop House. Nouns has funded one of the best web3 platforms, and it's high time we spread the word about it.

Where 📍

Our Prop House IRL Experience will be hosted at casaJOMO.art, a super cozy villa located in Santa Teresa, built in the 1930s by two Spanish families. Learn more here.

Budget 💰

With 10 ETH, we aim to support 5 communities, thus benefiting numerous builders and a wide range of projects with significant ETH value. The total event cost, including team compensation, amounts to 10,500 USDC.

Team 🤝

This proposal is a collaborative effort between Nouns in Rio and Rio Crypto Hub, two teams dedicated to promoting web3 in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro.

Nouns in Rio (represented by jp.⌐◨-◨ and Debinvest) - successfully organized various nounish IRL events, including Nouns Week, the Treasure Hunt, social actions for Prop House's Nounish Holidays and many others.

Rio Crypto Hub (represented by Douglas Miranda) - an initiative whose principle is to strengthen the web3 scene in the city of Rio de Janeiro, connecting people through monthly IRL events focused on the ecosystem and sharing weekly content on social media. In 2023, they successfully hosted 30 events.

Guiriba - researcher at Paradigma Education and Optimism Português. Funded by Nouns through Proposal 142 and actively contributor to the NounsBR community. In addition to being a mentor during the experience, Guiriba played a key role in shaping the mechanics and agenda of this event. ‎

Success ✨

After the event concludes, we'll provide the DAO with pictures, an aftermovie, and a detailed report, which will include key metrics such as the number of attendees and submitted proposals, among other details.

To amplify our impact, we'll actively engage the community through our Portuguese nounish accounts like @nounsinrio, @nounsbr and @thenounsquarebr, as well as Rio Crypto Hub's social channels. The engagement metrics from these channels will be included in our final report.

Our aim is to not just host an event but to foster a thriving web3 community in Rio, turning ideas into impactful projects through Prop House. Let's take Prop House to the streets! 💡


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