3 Proposals - Marketing and Tournament

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1st proposal: Have Damian run Socials for $500 a month for 2 months with $250 being subsidized from changlu , and $250 being subsidized from the Vtuber contest proposal.

This passed and has been going well - Damian has been responding to more people to expand our awareness, also he edits together footage from the past tournaments and has improved things a lot on the professionalism of our tweets.

Our tweet impressions are up 30% from last month, and our followers are up 266 from last month.

2nd proposal: Sponsor $500 for the GGQuest Skystrife tournament. Proposal is as follows:

Proposal: Co-hosting the Sky Strife Tournament with ggQuest & AW Research

We are hosting a tournament this Friday for the fully on-chain game, Sky Strife, developed by Lattice (noted for their MUD developments).

Our objective is to introduce Paladins DAO as a co-host for this tournament.

We will be responsible for:

  • Marketing efforts
  • Event production
  • Providing a shoutcaster
  • Engaging potential sponsors & players

For reference, see a past example: https://www.notion.so/ggQuest-x-The-Machines-Arena-Tournament-Sponsorship-Packages-6551d35c6d9b42f58867382b459fabef

Both ggQuest and AW Research will contribute $500 towards the prize pool and organization.

Funding Request: $500

The tournament got retweeted by Lattice (the makers of skystrife) and reached over 70 concurrent viewers at the peak.


We should lean into more AW events if we feel that this was successful, and find ways to host our own event.

3rd proposal: Sponsor $650 for Gaspode: Proposal is as follows


Total confirmed: $1650 for 3 proposals (first 2 have already started, third one is still pending)


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