Channel Focused Retroactive Funding Round

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For the next 6 weeks, the Warpcast team is focused on increasing quality casts and engagement.

The most promising approach is through channels. Purple should help incentivize growth during this period by offering a retroactive funding round to 3 projects that make channels better / easier to use.

Round Details

  • Prop house submission deadline: November 10th, 2023
  • Total funding amount: 1 ETH x 3 winners = 3 ETH
  • Criteria: Improved cast quality and/or engagement in channels

Potential projects:

  • Channel specific clients
  • Browser extensions that cast directly to channels
  • Link aggregators + redirecting into channels
  • FIP-2 related projects

Thanks to Tayyab for providing constructive feedback on the payout amounts for this proposal.


  1. 0x3e2cd6ca1f18d27fe1bbeb986914e98d5dd08bb0.transfer(3 ETH)
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